Why Use MessagePal Instant Messaging?

MessagePal is a unique office communication tool that allows quick and efficient consultation among co-workers using their computers.

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Some MessagePal Scenarios:

Scenario 1: Fewer Interruptions.  Imagine you're talking on an important phone call and a co-worker answers a second call you've received. Using MessagePal and only 3 mouse clicks, the co-worker can pop a message on your computer screen, letting you know that "A vendor is holding on line 2." Without putting your important call on hold, and with just 1-click, you can reply "I'll call back in 5 minutes", and finish the call you're on.
Scenario 2:  More Productivity and Better Customer Service.   You're on the phone and need to consult a copy of the client's file, which is in a file cabinet in another office. With MessagePal, you can let your assistant or co-worker know that you need the file and have it brought to you without interrupting the phone call.
Scenario 3: Urgent Communications.  The weekly staff meeting is scheduled for 1:00 p.m., but some co-workers haven't returned from lunch. As soon as they have, the staff can be notified that the meeting can begin and all should gather in the conference room.
Scenario 4: Save Wasted Effort.  Before walking to the other side of the floor to check with a colleague, you can use MessagePal to verify they're in their office and ready to talk.

What's so great about MessagePal?
  • MessagePal allows users to send and receive secure instant messages among office coworkers

  • Designed to be faster and more efficient than email or other instant messaging for in-the-office communication

  • Very easy to install and maintain. No server or administration. Just install and use!

  • Instead of running around the office using hand signals and interrupting conversations, you'll have professional communications.
  • Key Benefits
  • Fast & Efficient: Communication is brief, silent & confidential. A single click can send a complete message or reply. User interface is designed for very quick and efficient messaging.

  • Low Maintenance: Requires no server or administration.

  • Ready to Serve While Unobtrusive: Stays as a small icon in your system tray until you need to send or receive a message.

  • Secure: All messages are encrypted and stay within the local LAN, inaccessible by intruders on the Internet. The result is private internal communication without the risk of messages being intercepted by outsiders.
  • Customizable: Add 24 canned message replies for 1-click access or type your own. Each message can be sent to one or more users, one or more specified groups or every on-line user.

  • Productive: Reduces or eliminates interruptions, wasted walking or shouting, phone tag, miscommunication,

  • Fun: Pleasing user interface and 1-click messages reduces the stress of getting quick information from colleagues.

  • Value: As low as $9.99 per user. No hidden hardware or support costs. Only pay as you add users.

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