MessagePal's extensive features make it the right choice for your workgroup...

Unlike other advertising-supported instant messaging 'toys', MessagePal's extensive features have been designed specifically for the business user.  Read how our extensive features were designed to make your office more productive and then download our free trial version.


MessagePal Feature List



Other Popular Instant Messengers

Writing and Replying to Messages

Send instant messages to other users


Customizable 'preset' messages for one-click sending or replies Yes (24) no
Choose keyboard, mouse or F-keys to speed up composing complete message or reply


Send a single message to any set of users Yes


Define custom groups of users for frequent message distribution Yes


Comprehensive message log Yes no
Printing: individual messages or complete message log (w/preview) Yes no
Forward instant messages to other users or groups Yes no
Review, edit and/or resend any message directly from message log Yes no
Broadcast messages to all online users Yes no

User Names

Pick your own easy-to-recognize screen name ("Judy" or "Receptionist" instead of "Joker328") Yes no
New users automatically added to your user list Yes no
See which users are online - even if they aren't on your 'buddy list' Yes no

Ease of Use

Two-minute download and installation Yes ?
No Server Required Yes no
No Internet connection required Yes no
Quickly see who's online - even if you haven't added them Yes no
Minimize software to tool tray when not in use - Restore to full-size when needed Yes some
Downloadable fully-functional trial version Yes some
Purchase software instantly online - no waiting for shipment Yes some
Includes free lifetime email customer support Yes some
No charge for 1.x upgrades, support, maintenance Yes some
New users just install software on their own PC and they're immediately visible to all users Yes no
No firewall configuration necessary Yes no
Enterprise version is simple enough to be installed and maintained by end-users Yes no

Business-Quality Software

Designed for business use, not for consumers.. with special business features Yes some
New! Special systems administration features:  optionally disable outbound messages, disable replies, disable exiting program, password-protect setup screens, sync username with network ID, disable broadcasts, centrally maintain groups and buttons, prevent messages between certain users

For more information on Administrative Features, click here.
Yes ?
Administrator can centrally monitor and log all messages Yes ?
Employees not distracted by chatting with IM users outside the company Yes no
No annoying advertisements in the software Yes some
Economical for offices as small as two people Yes some
Discounted pricing for as few as five users Yes ?


Automatically prohibits messaging with people outside your company Yes no
Messages remain solely within your LAN - not susceptible to Internet interception Yes no
Messages encrypted when sent Yes ?
No intrusive 'spyware' included Yes ?


Pick or change your own username Yes no
Customize preset messages Yes no
Customize colors for each preset message Yes no
Choose preset messages that are sent immediately or can be edited before being sent Yes no
Define your own message distribution lists Yes no
Pick which key sends a message Yes no


Single-user license As low as
US $9.95


Pay for additional users only as needed Yes



If you have comments or questions about the chart above do not hesitate to contact us.

We know you will love the simplicity and productivity of MessagePal once you try it.  Therefore, we are pleased to offer you MessagePal free of charge for 30 days.  You can try out every feature, test it in your environment, and confirm it does what we say.  If you like it, you can come back and purchase it.  If not, you can uninstall it and move on.

Download your no-risk, fully-working,
30-day FREE trial copy of MessagePal here

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