Check the Support FAQ for known issues.  Many common problems have been addressed in the FAQ and it is the quickest way to answering your issue.

How do I get technical support?

Before you send a technical support request, be sure you have checked the Support FAQ and make sure you have the current version. We are constantly improving the product and fixing problems. 

You can review the revision history of MessagePal to see if your issue has been addressed in a subsequent release.

If you have lost your serial number, you should be able to locate your serial number using the Quick Order Lookup function of our payment vendor, RegNow. You'll need your Order Number OR your email address and credit card number. Click to lookup your order information in RegNow.

You can email us at for technical support. Please include the following in your request:
  • A complete description of your issue, including how to replicate the issue
  • Your operating system
  • MessagePal version number
  • MessagePal license key
  • Information about your network

    How do I submit a product suggestion or new feature request?

    We are eager to hear your suggestions for improving this website, the product or the installation or sales processes.  Please send your suggestions for new features or MessagePal improvements to:

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