MessagePal Revision History

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History of Recent Changes to MessagePal

  March 2006 - version 1.8.0
+ New setup option to AutoPrint all incoming messages if desired
- Broadcast messages appear as black text on white background rather than red background
# Added additional optional administrative feature:
     + Customize the Printed Message Header
     # Contact for our administrative features manual
! License seats now counted properly in certain LAN configurations
! Single character messages now properly handled in all situations
! Other minor enhancements and fixes

April 2005 - version 1.6.3
! Removed message appearing during some installs that mistakenly reported MessagePal already installed

March 2005 - version 1.6.2
# Added additional optional administrative features:
     + Restrict a workstation from sending messages to certain users
     + Allow a workstation to send messages to only certain users
     # Contact for more information on implementing administrative features
# Added 50-user license pack option
! Other minor enhancements and fixes

February 2005 - version 1.6.1
+ Conversations now show with better formatting and color username labels
+ Right clicking on MP icon in system tray reveals shortcut menu, including ability to send a message or enter setup screen
+ Enabled 'Laptop-Friendly' setting, so MP won't give network error messages when a laptop is not connected to a network
# Added additional optional administrative features:
     + Disable all logging of messages
     + Group and Button configuration files can be stored on a central server for all MP users
     + Enable a discreet central server-based message log for selected or all MP users
     # Contact for more information on implementing administrative features
! MessagePal no longer interrupts the open application when set to not popup when new message arrives
! Broadcast message history no longer limited to 60 characters
! Messages longer than 10,000 characters no longer cause error
! Other minor enhancements and fixes

July 2004 - version 1.4.16

+ Added optional 'Team Messaging' - Users on the same LAN but on different teams can be invisible to each other
# Added additional optional administrative features:
     + Allow/Disallow Clearing the Message Log
     + Allow/Disallow Access to the Group Administration Screens
     + Disable Splash Screen Popup
     # Contact for more information on implementing administrative features
! Other minor enhancements and fixes

February 2004 - version 1.4.2
+ Added ability to autosave message log when MessagePal is shutdown and restore when restarted
! Other minor enhancements

October 2003 - version 1.4.0
+ Added individual message printing
+ Added message log printing
+ MessagePal now pops in front of most applications
+ Improved compatibility with Windows NT
+ Improved compatibility with Large Fonts display settings
+ Other minor feature enhancements
! Other minor fixes
# Added optional administrative features:
     + Allow/disallow broadcast messages
     + Password-protect setup screens
     + Allow/disallow outbound messages
     + Allow/disallow replies
     + Allow/disallow exiting MessagePal
     + User-supplied logo capability
     + Force username to be network ID
     # Contact for more information on implementing administrative features

August 2003 - version 1.3.1
! Fixes broadcast messages stability issues under certain configurations

August 2003 - version 1.3.0
+ New configuration option 'Minimize rather than exit when main window closed?' such that when checked, MP is minimized rather than terminated when the 'X' is clicked in upper right corner of main MP window.  User will still be able to exit program through the menu option 'Exit'.
+ Pressing 'Delete' key will erase the highlighted message from the message log.
+ User can choose wave file for message arrival sound
+ User can choose to have title bar flash when new messages are present
+ User can choose whether MessagePal will popup when new messages received
+ Other minor feature enhancements
! MessagePal now does a better job of popping on top of all programs when message received
! Won't crash when certain dialog boxes open and messages received
! Other minor fixes

May 21, 2003 - version 1.2.8
 + 'Apply' button on setup window is grayed out until there are setup changes to be made.
 - New icon (MessagePal twins) for send and receive message windows.
 ! Eliminated erroneous nag screen that affected some users with 5- and 20-user license keys.

May 8, 2003 - version 1.2.7
 ! Resolved issue whereby in certain cases, users who shutdown Windows without first exiting MessagePal would not automatically disappear from the userlist of other users.
 ! Many minor new features and bug fixes.

Prior to May, 2003
# MessagePal available only in limited release

 +  Feature added     -  Feature changed
 !  Bugfix                 #  Notice


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