How MessagePal Works

1. Install MessagePal

Download MessagePal and install it in seconds on each computer you want to communicate with.  MessagePal will automatically find the other MessagePal users on the network. 

2. Waits In The Tool Tray Until You're Ready

Press 'Esc' key to minimize MessagePal to the tool tray.  Doubleclick the MessagePal icon when you're ready revive MessagePal to send a message.

3. Choose Recipient

Choose the recipient(s) of a message.  Recipients can be a group, a set of users, an individual, or a broadcast to everyone.

4. Compose Message

Press one of the preset messages or compose your own.

5. Reply

Recipients can reply by choosing a preset reply or composing their own response.

6. Message History

MessagePal keeps automatic message history so you can review or resend the message to other users.

7. Customize

Customize your name, you preset buttons, your groups and other options so MessagePal works the way you want it to.

What's so great about MessagePal?
  • MessagePal allows users to send and receive secure instant messages among office coworkers

  • Designed to be faster and more efficient than email or other instant messaging for in-the-office communication

  • Very easy to install and maintain. No server or administration. Just install and use!

  • Instead of running down the hall, using strange hand signals and interrupting conversations, you'll have professional and crisp communications.
  • Want to know more? ... Just try our free 30-day trial by downloading here.

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